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Brandi Ward Memorial Future Teacher Scholarship  
The family of Brandi Ward is interested in rewarding a student who intends to pursue a four year college degree with the intent of becoming a teacher. The applicant must be a graduating senior at East Bernard High School who exhibits school and community involvement, good work ethics and strong personal values. A $500 scholarship will be awarded each year in Brandi's Memory. This scholarship was made possible by the generous and kind donations made to Brandi's memorial fund at the time of her passing. Recipients are: 2006-Hunter Minks 2007-Molly Farrell 2008-Ricky Simpson 2009-Lyndsey Stelzel 2010-Morgan Kramr 2010-Amanda Walters 2011-Chelsea Derrick 2012-Carissa Orsak 2013-Melody Jenkins 2014-Cassidy Mica 2015-Aliska Schmidt 2016-Caleb Moseley
Brandi Ward Memorial Scholarship  
This scholarship was set up for some very special people in Brandi's Life. 2011-Catie Dusek 2013-Colin Dusek 2013-Jacob Vincek 2013-Josh Vincek
Brandi Ward Memorial Rising Star Scholarship  
The family of Brandi Ward is interested in rewarding a student who works hard and intends to enter the work force full time immediately after high school graduation. The applicant must also be a graduating senior at East Bernard High School who exhibits good work ethics and strong personal values. This $100 scholarship given out each year in Brandi's memory is intended to help the student prepare for the work force. This scholarship was made possible by kind and generous donations made to Brandi's memorial fund at the time of her passing. Because of lack of participation, we chose to discontinue this scholarship in 2008. Recipients are: 2006- Shayne Chumchal 2007- Albert Johnson
The East Bernard Elementary Library "Extreme" Makeover  

Brandi's Reading Nook

 While Brandi worked as a kindergarten teacher at East Bernard ISD, she often commented how the elementary library needed to be brightened up. loving memory of her, we decided to do a "makeover".  Thanks to the help of Rhonda Kramr, EBISD District Librarian and the generosity of so many who gave to Brandi's Memorial Fund, we were able to create a bright and colorful place for the little ones to learn the joys of reading.  

We started the project with the purchase of two 8 ft. benches and a two seat love seat purchased from a company called Big Cozy Books.  Their furniture is made to look like oversized books.  Go to to see more of what they offer.  With this furniture we were able to create "Brandi's Reading Nook".    

There were already five tables in the library that were in good shape so we put new formica on them to brighten them up.  

One of Brandi's favorite children's books was Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes.  It is a story about not making fun of someone just because they are different.  Permission was granted from the publisher of that book to use the characters in a mural .  Chris Morse of East Bernard captured the book and Brandi's spirit with his incredible mural and helped complete the project.  

With the addition of four adorable oversized animal pillows the library makeover was complete.  

Brandi's little cousin Aaron really enjoyed the Frog Pillow

Every elementary student that passes through the doors of the East Bernard school will be touched by this library makeover.  This is yet another legacy my Brandi has left behind.      

2014 Run for the Rose - Brandi's Memory Rock's On!  
Brandi's Memory Rock's On! team for the 2014 Run for the Rose had 31 members and raised $3355.00.  The Run overall raised $678,248.52 for this year.  These funds will help fund brain cancer research. 

We run for the Rose, We run for a cure, We run for the children, We run in loving memory of Brandi Nicole Ward. 

2013 Run for the Rose  
Brandi's Memory Rock's On! at the Run for the Rose for the sixth year in a row.  This year her team was 41 members strong and raised $2,335.00.  It is a great way to remember Brandi and also raise needed funds for brain cancer research. 
2012 Run for the Rose  
Brandi's Memory Rock's On! 2012 team for the Run for the Rose raised $2945.00 and was 57 members strong. Brandi would have said "You Rock!" for helping raise funds for brain cancer research.

2011 Run for the Rose - Brandi was Rockin!  
Brandi's Memory Rock's On! 2011 team was 60 members strong and raised over $2600.  This year we also ran in memory Brandi's good friend Van Wedegartner. He was an 11 year survivor of brain cancer but lost his battle with yet another cancer on 9/11/10. Brandi and Van's spirit will live on forever in the hearts that loved them.

There was no doubt that Brandi was with us on that day and she definitely had something to do with her best friend Sheree' winning the first prize of the raffle which was 2 first class tickets anywhere in the world on Continental Airlines.  Now this is an amazing win since there are over 5000 runners/walkers at the Run for the Rose but here is where Brandi's Heavenly Intervention may have come in.......Sheree' husband Jarrod won the very same prize two years before.  Pretty Amazing wouldn't you say! 

Another incredible thing.....Sheree' and Jarrod could not use the tickets because they had just had a baby and moved out of state so they gave them to me....Brandi's Mom.  I think it was yet another sign from my precious child telling me that I needed to find joy again in my life.  When I went on an amazing trip to London with the ticket I heard my Brandi keep saying...."You Go Mom!.  I plan to go to Hawaii soon with the other ticket.  You Rock all the hearts that loved you!  
Brandi's Memory Rock's On! Team for 2010  

Brandi's Memory Rock's On 2010 Team at the Run for the Rose was 80 members strong and raised $4415. We again came away with 3 first place winners....Congratulations Susie Amanda and Katelyn Walters. We run for the children... We run for a cure for brain cancer....We run for the Rose...We run in memory of our beloved Brandi Nicole Ward.

Brandi's Memory Rock's On! 2009 Run for the Rose  

The Brandi's Memory Rocks On! team for the 2009 Run for the Rose

This year Brandi’s team raised over $5300.00 had 89 members and took home three first place trophies. Not bad for a "small town" team up against the big city competitors of Houston.

The highlight of this year’s event however was when Jarrod Beal husband to Sheree’ Jochec Beal (Brandi’s best friend since age 3) won the top raffle prize of two first class Continental airline tickets anywhere in the world valued at $9000.00.

Me Jarrod Lanie Rose Sheree' and precious Tessa Nicole

Aaron and his medal from the Run for the Rose. 

Brandi's Memory Rock's On! 2008  

Brandi's Memory Rock's On! team for the 2008 Run for the Rose had 126 members and raised $6602.24 for brain cancer research at M. D. Anderson and pediatric initiatives at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas. They were joined in this picture by Dr. Raymond Sawaya who was Brandi's neuro-surgeron.

The Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation hosted its sixth annual Run for the Rose 5K & 1K Family Run/Walk at Reliant Stadium in Houston Texas on April 6, 2008. There were 2600 walkers/runners and 1000 motorcycles that participated. The total raised at this event was $415,000.

Marnie put a human face to brain cancer and offered strength and hope to those suffering from the disease she was also battling. The Run honors Marnie's spirit, courage and strength that benefits two causes that touched her life so personally — brain cancer and children.

The “Brandi’s Memory Rock’s On!" team was created in loving memory of our Brandi who lost her fight against glioblastoma on February 17, 2006 at the age of 25. Marnie and Brandi shared two important things. They both adored children and they both were taken from this earth much too young because of a horrible monster called brain cancer. The Run for the Rose is an opportunity for their family and friends to join together to continue where they left off in a search for a cure for brain cancer.

Wharton County Library - East Bernard Branch  

There are two special animal pillows at our County library in East Bernard that were also given in Brandi's memory.  Here is little Miss Rena laying on one of them as she reads a book.  Brandi continues to touch the little ones she adored. 

Bench donated in Brandi's Memory  

Catie, Colin and Quinn Dusek are sitting on a wooden bench that was donated by the Fort Bend County Relay for Life board members to the East Bernard Elementary school in memory of Brandi.  This donation was also given in honor of Jamie.  She helped get this Amercian Cancer Society fundraiser started in Fort Bend County several years before Brandi ever got cancer.  This bench is located at the front of the East Bernard elementary school. 

Benches on the EBISD playground in memory of Brandi  

Two of these benches were donated in loving memory of Brandi by the staff of the East Bernard Elementary School and the East Bernard PTO.  They are located on the elementary playground.  

Memorial Donation to Elementary Library  

Ty Jalowy asked for money for his birthday so that he could donate half of it for books to the East Bernard Elementary library in Brandi's memory.  He was one of many children Brandi taught swimming lessons to.  This generous gesture touched our hearts.  I know my Brandi would have also been touched by his thoughtfulness. 

The Class of 2017 & 2018 Memorial Scholarships  

Brandi always wanted to be a mother.  Unfortunately she was never able to achieve that goal.  We feel, however, each of the kindergarten students she taught will be part of her legacy.  We have established a Scholarship fund for those student.  Upon graduation, they will receive a small scholarship in her memory.  They only need to present proof of graduation from any high school to receive this scholarship.  Brandi set them on their path of education and it is our hope that they continue to remember the things that she taught them.    She wanted them to study hard in school, make good choices, be kind to others and go the Texas A & M (or the college of their choice).   

Brandi's 2004-2005 Kindergarten Class
Class of 2017

Brandi's 2005-2006 Kindergarten class
Class of 2018

East Bernard High School 2005-2006 Memorial Spread in Brandi's Memory  

  This memorial spread for the local high school yearbook was done by Rachel Gertson.  Brandi babysat Rachel when she was little.  The Gertsons were not only neighbors but to Brandi they were also one of her many adopted families.  She loved them as if they were her own family.  The East Bernard High School journalism teacher, Brenda Stelzel, was also a neighbor and a friend of our family.  Her daughter, Shae, grew up with Brandi.  This tribute was such a gift to Jamie and I and one we will always be grateful for.  It will help keep Brandi's memory forever alive.  She would have been so proud of the awesome job they did on it.  It was no doubt a labor of love.  It also captured the last two years of Brandi's life as a elementary teacher at EBISD.  


Brandi's Quotes and Bible Verses to Live By  

Brandi kept a journal where she wrote down quotes she liked and bible verses that were special to her.  Several of her friends went through the journal and picked out their favorites from the many she had written down.  At her celebration of life,  those quotes were attached to each of the 1000 balloons that were released after her service was over.  These quotes were in loving memory of Brandi and the life she lived.  I would like to share them with you.  I think they are part of the legacy she has left behind for us to live by.    

If God brings you to it, He will bring 
you through it.  

Life is like mail.....sometimes you 
just don't get it. 

May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human and enough hope to make you happy. 

Cast your cares to the Lord and He 
will sustain you. 
Life is what happens while you are busy 
making other plans.  

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks for your circumstances, for this is God's will for 
you in Christ Jesus.  

Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.  

To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world.  

Give up your problems to God.  He will be 
up all night anyway.  

Life may not be the party I had hoped for...but while I am here I might just as well listen 
to the music and dance.  

Never put a question mark where God 
has placed a period.  

Love those who are least lovable because 
they need it the most.  


2015 Run for the Run  
Brandi's Memory Rock's On! team for the 2015 Run for the Rose had 24 members and raised $2645.00. Keeping Brandi's memory alive and raising money for brain cancer research. We Run for the Rose.....We Run for the Children.....We Run for a Cure for brain cancer......We Run is loving memory of Brandi.
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